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Disability Supports Muskoka/ Parry Sound


What is Neurodiversity? 

The term neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociabilitylearningattentionmood and other mental functions (Source: Wikipedia)


Who we are​​

The Neurodiversity Navigator is a consultant service consisting of two social services professionals who collectively have over 50 years of experience supporting children, youth and families.  We offer people who live with the label of a disability, their families and caregivers support to effectively connect with supports and services to create a life full of belonging, mental well being and success. 

We walk alongside you in a person directed manner, providing supportive guidance to ensure that you and your loved one never gets left behind or slips between the cracks.  Our supports are always culturally sensitive.

We believe that everyone has the right to be included in all aspects of community life and know that for those who have a label of a disability it can be challenging to navigate these opportunities successfully. Everyone deserves full participation, friendships and successful family lives. We are here to help create the stepping stones for a life where you and your loved one truly belongs and thrives. 

We believe in the power of self- advocacy and community. We practice and promote supports that are free from oppressive strategies. We believe that personal success comes from people being able to have their own power and voice through learning how to make positive decisions and choices. 

Our supports are here to provide consultation, advice, support to help connect you with what you need to be successful which can include connecting you with various funding streams, community organizations, employment services and more. We work with children, youth, adults and families. We can help with planning and facilitation. 

Additionally we provide counselling supports separately from our consulting services through Parry Sound Counselling.

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Connect with us to find out how we can support you and/ or your loved one.

For The Neurodiversity Navigator Consulting Services Please Call (705) 380- 3450


To receive Counselling Supports from Michelle Ainsworth, please contact Parry Sound Counselling at or call (705) 716- 0749

PLEASE NOTE- Counselling supports/ services are separate from The Neurodiversity Navigator Disability Consulting Services and all inquiries regarding counselling supports must go through Parry Sound Counselling.

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