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Please contact us to discuss service fees. We understand that you may be accessing our services prior to obtaining funding. Most of our supports are covered under various funding streams and it won't cost you a dime out of your own pocket. Our goal is to help not hinder. We are not in this for the money. We want to ensure that your funding goes to making your life better. Although we do charge a fee to support you and your loved one with this our fees are extremely reasonable and will save you hours of stress and frustration. Many organizations do not know of all the supports out there- we are simply the link to help everyone be on the same page to ensure you or your loved one gets all the supports/ services and funding that you are entitled to. We charge less than organizations because we do not have the huge overhead fees. We have the education, training, experience to provide you with the right supports. Contact us today to discuss what we can offer. 

In respect to counselling fees please contact Parry Sound Counselling at (705) 716- 0749 PLEASE NOTE- counselling supports are different than the Neurodiversity Navigators disability consulting services and must go through Parry Sound Counselling.


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