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​Did you, or someone you love get a diagnosis? What do you do now? How can you tap into the best supports and services? Where do you go? Sometimes after a diagnosis referals are made but do you know how to check to see what's going on? We also have talked with many families who just receive a piece of paper after diagnosis with a list of supports but they have no clue who to reach out to for what specific need. We can help you figure out what your next steps could be.


Or are you looking to get a diagnosis?  Do you know where to go, who to talk to? We can help steer you in the right direction! 



Do you feel comfortable with the supports you or your loved one are currently receiving? Do you know where to go to access supports/ services? Do you feel exhausted having to tell your story over and over just to access supports/ services? We can help! We help you navigate and connect with the right supports! We help create profiles for you to present to organizations, reducing the need to retraumatize yourself by having to continuously share such vulnerable information. We know it can be overwhelming- there are OT's, PT's, Recreationists, FSW's, EA's, Counselors and more and who does what? There are a lot of organizations that can assist you but do you understand the difference between them all? How can they help? What do those even mean? We are here for you! Is your voice being heard? Does your loved one have what they need to truly be successful? 



​There are so many funding streams that can help you or your loved one receive support. You never have to sign an agreement where all your supports are held solely by one organization! Be wary if that is suggested to you! Do not enter into any contracts without fully understanding your rights! We can help you access funding that can cover the cost of camp, 1:1 supports, recreational activities, special equipment at home, recreational equipment and so much more! There are funding streams specifically if you are Indigenous as well! Many of the organizations who offer support are limited in what they can offer you to navigate your funding and some ask that you contribute 10% of the funds you receive each time they support you to access or navigate your funds! We help you make educated decisions on where you choose to spend your funds and how to get them.

Are you in receipt of PASSPORT funding? We can help you navigate this.

There are so many different funding streams that can support you or someone you love. You can get support for school, respite support (hire someone to help you and give you some relief), support at home, in community, funds to purchase technology to assist you, funds to help you start a small business, funds to help you with post secondary education and so, so much more! Sometimes certain organizations who help do not know about all the different funding opportunities, we are here to bridge that gap and help you and/ or your loved one reduce stress by getting the help you need.




​Unless you work in the field of developmental or social services and have done so for many years and have the personal experience of supporting a loved one it can be really overwhelming. What questions should you ask? Do you feel like your voice is not being fully heard? We provide advocacy to help you attend appointments and/ or prepare for them. We can help be a voice when you feel overwhelmed. It is hard when you or a loved one is in need of supports- emotions run high and it is challenging to fully absorb all the information at times. As we mentioned abvove accessing supports often means having to repeat your story which is deeply personal and can be traumatizing, especially if you have had experiences where your voice was not heard or perhaps you or your loved one received a past misdiagnosis. We can help support you through this. We are here to help! We also know that for some people with disabilities, challenges arise at school and/ or work. We have experience navigating both and are here to help you, we know how hard it can be and time consuming. We will advocate with you to ensure that school and work is successful!



​Michelle offers counselling through Parry Sound Counselling.  We can support you in connecting you with additional wholistic, traditional and conventional forms of counseling supports that are tailored to your specific needs and culture.


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​We have over 20 years of working with people with disabilities to navigate social situations with success. We offer 1:1 or small group classes which will help you at school, work and in community to make and maintain meaningful and reciprocal friendships and relationships. 

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